What would you do…if there was a rapper right in front of you, sitting all alone…crying, in pain from hunger, near death from sickness? 
And what if all you had to do was reach into your pocket and pull out 50 cents to save that rappers life?
This is that rapper. And this is that moment.
Go online and join UNICEF with your 15 dollar monthly gift. It’s only 50 cents a day! And it means you’ll get these rappers the critical help they need to survive.
PLEASE go online now. Because that rapper? In front of you? Can’t wait another moment.

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Porco Rosso - Scenery

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Color experiments

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Long Haul by Voxtrot


Somebody told me if you live this way then it’s a long, long haul.

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Nancy Ekholm Burkert, James & The Giant Peach

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Walcott (live in the streets of Paris) by Vampire Weekend


probably the cutest version of Walcott ever (x)

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y’all getting really specific like “where are all the indie boys with messy shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes who are between 6’ and 6’4 whose favourite vampire weekend album is contra but knows mvotc is their best album and drinks their coffee black with 3.2 sugars and smokes cheap cigarettes on a balcony at 2:23 am” like….. chill

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